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Multifi was created in service of multiple capital abundance. We take a measurement-based, multiple-capital approach to land and natural resource management. 



In an economy that is failing a majority of people on the planet while also perpetuating regional and global-scale Earth-systems collapse,

Our mission is to support multiple capital value creation that advances financially resilient, environmentally regenerative, and socially vibrant communities.



Multifi's first fund, the Common Bond, is focused on fossil fuel de-comissioning and carbon sequestration at the regional scale.

Investments are evaluated on their capacity to:

1- Reduce emissions through the cessation of fossil fuel combustion at regional scales (CDP Scope 1 and Scope 2) through renewables and grid and transport electrification 

2- Sequester carbon in a manner that utilizes biological earth systems (such as forestry and soil carbon capture)


Starting where we're at

Imaginal Landscapes is an impact measurement and design tool for homeowners. Imaginal Landscapes helps the homeowner-specific category of investor to visualize the Net Present Value of how they manage their home or property from environmental, financial, and local economic impact perspectives.

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Envisioning what we wish to see

The Imaginal Landscapes dashboard allows to visualize the environmental and cost performance of their property in a new and intuitive way.

Imaginal Landscapes helps members understand the Net Present Value of their property from environmental, economic, and social impact perspectives.

The Imaginal Landscapes dashboard also allows users to forecast and compare the performance of actual and hypothetical "Imaginal Impact" land use scenarios. 

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All about that Local Money

Common Bond creates economic uplift through:

  1. Local investment

  2. Local job creation

  3. The local money multiplier effects of collective ownership transfer of land and energy assets to local resident communities.



Get zero money down Common Bond financing for qualified projects.